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Useful Websites

A collection of websites and resources we recommend:


Nursery Managers

A useful and interesting source of information, articles and stories for nursery managers, owners and staff.

Kathy Brodie

An Early Years Professional and Trainer based in East Cheshire, specialising in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Special Educational Needs.

Laura Henry

A leading, award winning expert in Early Years education, both in the UK and internationally.

Dr Lynne Kenney

A practising paediatric psychologist and international speaker, Dr. Kenney provides research-based education to clinicians, parents and teachers across the US, Canada and Europe.

Sue Cowley

Sue Cowley is an experienced teacher, writer and presenter, whose specialism is in the area of behaviour management.

Sue Atkin Parenting Coach

The Parenting Expert- Author, speaker, broadcaster, coach and parent

Leap Ahead Learning

Helping children bridge the gap and prepare them for school, this website allows children to make a ‘leap ahead’ in their learning and social skills.