5 Best Musical Toys for Early Years

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5 Best Musical Toys for Early Years

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Music and sound are incredibly important to the brain development of babies and preschoolers. For these early years children, auditory stimulation can help development in lots of different ways – as well as helping with bonding and soothing – and will shape the way the child develops. Here are some of the best musical toys for early years.

1. Musical Stools

Based on the Peruvian percussion instrument, the Cajon is so much more than somewhere to sit. Using plates hidden inside, these musical stools can produce snare and bass drum sounds depending where it’s hit. Made from wood and available in a wide range of bright colours, they make for durable 2-in-1 percussion instruments and are perfect for young children aged two and up.

Best musical toys - Children using a cajon

2. Rattles and Shakers

Why not shake, rattle, and roll with a collection of early years shakers and rattles? With a wide selection of sturdy and ergonomic instruments available, children can produce a variety of fun sounds perfect for learning and stimulation. With many made from high-quality and ultra-resistant plastic, shaker instruments are more than able to take the strain of all those intensive jam sessions!

Best musical toys for early years - Baby with rattles

3. Kinetic musical games

As well as working towards developing motor skills, kinetic musical games like the Musical Marble Orchestra (pictured) produce engaging and stimulating sounds as the game is played. Not just a fun and entertaining game, they’re a really inventive way for early years children to start engaging with sounds, music, and construction.

Best musical toys - Kinetic musical games

4. Percussion instrument kits

Outgrowing rattles and shakers? Why not try a percussion instrument introduction kit? With many instruments available for smaller children – like drums, triangles, and castanets – you can give them a taste of more advanced instruments and have fun trying out more interesting rhythmic activities!
Best music toys - Percussion instrument kits

5. Musical Soft Toys

As well as being a comforting presence as a child gets to sleep, musical soft toys are also a great way of introducing interactive audio and music into a child’s play time. Available as animals and characters like Tuck the Sheep and Walter the Dragon, they will often produce soft music that a child can enjoy and relax to.

Best musical toys - Walter the dragon soft toy

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