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6 of the Best Toys for Child Motor Skills Development

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The first years of a child’s life are the most important for developing and practising motor skills. It’s when children first learn to sit, stand, crawl, jump, push and pull and it’s when they learn to refine all these new skills. Specialised toys are a great way for children to practise and improve on these movements so they can go on to create a base for fine motor skills. Here are some of the best toys for child motor skills development:

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1. Motor Skills Courses and Structures

Used as part of structured educational activities, motor skills courses and motor skills structures are a great way for children to develop their movement skills and coordination. As well as climbing up high, they can explore tunnels and build their self-confidence discovering what they can achieve on their own.

child motor skills development - Motor Skills Courses

2. Balance Games

Used inside or out, balancing games are an excellent and challenging introduction to the concept of balance. Requiring full concentration, children need to learn to negotiate their way across a middle beam while being careful not to slip off. A fun activity, it’s also a great way to develop those core motor skills.
child motor skills development - Balance Course

3. Parachute games

Whether with small or large groups, parachute games are an excellent tool for working on teamwork and group listening skills, as well as developing a child’s coordination. They can even be used as a mediator for children with attention difficulties. Whether you have a simple large parachute or a parachute ball game, there’s a whole world of new, fun-packed parachute games waiting for you to learn and explore!

child motor skills development - Indoor Parachute Game

4. Pushalong Toys

Mooooove out the way! Simple and effective – push-a-long toys that can go in any direction and can even spin around are a fantastic way of helping a child improve their spatial awareness and psychomotor skills. Whether they’re made for indoor use like this Pushalong Cow or are better suited to being taken for a spin outdoors, they’re sure to bring hours of enjoyment while helping children learn about movement.

child motor skills development - Pushalong Toys
5. Throwing Games

Think you can throw the hoops on the stick? Think again! Classic throwing games aren’t just fun, but are an effective way for children to develop and practice their dexterity and motor skills. Available in a range of soft and hard materials, they can be a great activity for rainy days indoors or outdoors when the weather’s nice.
child motor skills development - Throwing Games

6. Rockers and Seesaws

Suitable for one, two, or three children, rockers are a brilliant way to encourage movement, develop motor and balance skills, and can even teach the importance of sharing and communication. With a stable base and no sharp edges, they’re a fun and safe toy for indoor and outdoor use – but don’t tip back too far!

child motor skills development - Three-seater rocker

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